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Our apps cover a wide variety of domains with the goal of improving our users' lives.

Improve your security


URL X-ray tells users where shortened URLs (i.e. bit.ly, tinyurl) lead to without clicking. It helps people avoid malicious, NSFW, or phishing sites.


Find your parking


Park It enables users to find out where they parked their vehicles. Tap on the Save Parking Button at your parking spot. Return to the app when ready to find the parking location. Park It will show details, maps, and provide walking directions to the parking spot.


Learn Geography


Learn and memorize all 50 US state capitals! This app's flash card format makes it easy to remember all the capitals. You can skip the ones you already know and mark the ones you need to revisit. Great for students or for people who are thirsty for knowledge.


Learn Vocab


Improve your vocabulary for the SAT, GRE, ACT, or to impress your friends. VocabUp has 300 great words and definitions.


Find out what words correspond to your phone number. Then easily remember and share your phone number.



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